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There’s quite assortment of fine and colourful blogs that track iPhones, robot devices, BlackBerries and different smartphones and no

shortage of overlapping coverage among them (How many various “scoops” on the Android-powered Motorola Devour phone did I come upon today?). Some square measure written by skilled reporters, others by unapologetic geeks et al. by thinly-veiled marketers. Here’s a spin through fifty of those portable blogs, excluding additional general contrivance sites and as well as a number of from my leader, IDG:
General Smartphones
BGR (Boy Genius Report): The mysterious Boy Genius and friends diary concerning mobile gadgets from Apple, RIM et al., and additional usually than not, square measure the primary ones out with the data. diary posts cowl everything from the most recent device rumors to straight money news. One sign that this can be a go-to site: The many comments announce by readers on the site’s diary entries.

Cool Smartphone: Tackles Windows Mobile, iPhone and robot happenings. Refers to Windows Mobile as WinMo, and suggests Microsoft has to create Windows Mobile cool by exploiting the goodwill from the Windows seven rollout.

EngadgetMobile: Zeroes in on the foremost mobile of the gadgets that the broader Engadget web site covers.

iFixit:This diary comes from a corporation that helps individuals fix their Macs and different Apple devices, however the highlight of the diary is that the posts concerning hot new devices just like the Nexus One smartphone from Google/HTC that they pan and appearance at from the within.

IntoMobile: This diary is handled by a crew of seven editors and has been around since 2005. IntoMobile’s coverage spans all of the foremost wireless device vendors and carriers, options a slick system for navigating by merchant and boasts a page with money data on key players yet. Video and audio content spherical things out on this web site.

Know Your Cell: Technically, {the web site|the location|the positioning} has less of a diary feel and additional of a news site feel, with a stress on carrier offerings, devices and mobile apps, and countless a way to items.

MobilitySite: a bit less bloggy feeling than a number of the others, covers the gamut from Windows Mobile to iPhones.

pdaBlast: Branches off into a bunch of additional specific “Blast” sites, centered on BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, etc.

Tell it adore it is: The terribly opinionative saint Seybold does not diary rather more than one or two of times a month, although conjointly mixes in comment via Associate in Nursing email newssheet. Topics vary from Google Nexus one to wireless auctions, a selected hot button of his.

Google robot
Android Angle: Mark Murphy’s weekly Network World diary includes topics like striking robot developers top the top to urge them to be additional independent and also the latest on the Nexus One phone.

Androinica: One nice feature may be a beginner’s guide to robot.

Android Authority: Reports on everything from the most recent phones to new robot collectibles. Not a lot of action on the comments/community front.

Android Central: a part of the Smartphone consultants family of web sites, this diary breaks news (such as on Google hiring a phone support team) and options active reviews of the most recent Nexus One, etc., products.

AndroidEverything: Usual assortment of robot, Nexus One, etc., tidbits, and a lively forum community. a part of a diary network that has less active Windows Mobile and BlackBerry sites.

AndroidGuys: The bloggers here (who keep their identities comparatively discreet, however say they’re not complete Google fanboys/fangirls) focus squarely on Google’s robot mobile platform, covering carrier, phone and software package news, dishing rumors, providing reviews and giving access to merchandise purchasable. The diary got entering into 2007.

Google Mobile Blog: As way as merchant blogs go, Google’s got it down practically, that includes a colourful assortment of posts concerning new options.

Phandroid: robot phone fans: Claims to be initial documented web site (est. 2007) coverage solely on robot news.

Mobile phones

RIM BlackBerry
Barack Obama’s BlackBerry’s Blog: Politics aside (and it’s pretty arduous to place them aside once reading through this anti-Obama blog), it’s perhaps the foremost inventive approach to a smartphone-themed diary. The blogger goes by the handle “BlackBerry-1” and posts such sentiments as: “I have provided the religious strength for Big-O since he initial picked ME up.”

BBgeeks: a gentle stream of BlackBerry news, complemented by a slew of carrier, hosted exchange and software package reviews.

BlackBerry Cool: Around since 2005, this diary bills itself because the voice of the BlackBerry community, centered for the most part on apps and helpful tips, as well as a way to move from Associate in Nursing iPhone to a BlackBerry.

BerryReview: makes a speciality of helpful tips for casual and hardcore BlackBerry users, from wireless rate arrange comparisons to app reviews, as well as the most recent information on that paid and free apps square measure preferred. Most posts square measure short. Like CrackBerry, this diary is a component of a broader web site that has reviews, forums, a store, etc.

BlackBerry Sync: options a launcher to urge access to the location from… your BlackBerry. It’s “proudly closely-held by Canadians,” although is not connected with RIM, conjointly based mostly in Canada.

Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings: Candid footage of woman Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Hilary pudding and lots of additional with their mobile devices. Also, the ever-popular Guess World Health Organization photos quizzes of celebs with their BlackBerries.

CrackBerry: This {site|website|web web site} promotes itself as “The #1 site for BlackBerry users (and abusers!).” Its bloggers realize no detail too little to look at, from videos of the bypassed BlackBerry “Magnum” to news on dot releases that stretch method on the far side one dot. The diary is a component of a broader web site that has forums, reviews and searching. CrackBerry is a component of a network of Smartphone consultants websites, together with those centered on iPhones, Windows Mobile, etc. it’s conjointly featured posts from Congress of Industrial’s crack BlackBerry newsman Al anarchist.

Inside BlackBerry: The Official BlackBerry diary from RIM. As you’d expect, a good quantity of company stuff, from serving to them sense their Twitter background to promotions for contests.

RIMarkable: Latest BlackBerry news, and a free software package resource.


AppleInsider: Technically, the diary portion of this web site is far less ofttimes updated than the final news page. Focus goes on the far side iPhones to incorporate general Steve Jobs whereabouts, mack and iTunes coverage.

EverythingiCafe: large choice of Apple hardware, accessory, software package posts, and a awfully busy forum space.

iPhone transfer Blog: Tagline is: Liberate Your iPhone. As you would possibly expect, smart dose of jailbreaking, unlocking information, and a kind of attraction of Sebastien Page’s experiences exploitation mobile devices round the world (in island once we last checked).

iPhoneFreak: a part of the YulMedia diary network that conjointly includes the Andronica robot diary. They’ve already got Associate in Nursing iPad tab on the location.

iPhone Hacks: options sections for iPhone “jailbreakers” and unlockers, as well as hacks and tricks.

iPhone Spies: Seriously centered on the iPhone, although not on top of bearing on the iPad. Includes reviews of iPhone apps, iPhone hacks and additional. Like several of those blogs, iPhone Spies includes a colourful forged of characters writing for it, as well as a “bad ass” and a “jailbreak extraordinar” .

iPhone thus I Blog: Chicago Now’s Scott Kleinberg sets himself apart by being a journalist first/blogger second (in different words, he truly reports, does not simply re-report others’ stuff) and responding to each comment (test him!).

IOnApple: Yoni Heisler usually blogs one or two of times every week for Network World, on news (such because the iPad), legal and different topics concerning the iPhone and Apple.

iSmashPhone: Hacking, jailbreaking, news and a few nicely bestowed feature items on primeics like phone comparisons and top sites to get iPhone apps.

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Just Another iPhone Blog: Emphasizes they do not settle for payment to review apps. Founder Patrick Jordan conjointly runs the additional general simply Another Mobile Mon web site.

Krapps: bathroom humor anyone? This web site makes a speciality of spotlighting the most recent however not essentially greatest iPhone apps, as well as such picks collectively that helps you’ve got undisturbed sex and another that measures however long it takes to chug liquid. and that they aggravate from there…

Macworld’s iPhone Central: Includes iPhone, iPad and different Apple technical school coverage, as well as that created by Network World and different of Macworld’s sister publications at intervals IDG.

The iPhone blog: Everything iPhone, as well as news on the most recent ads to the most recent apps. and they are on the prowl for additional bloggers if that is your game.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: They cowl the iPhone and its apps, however conjointly provide a look tab for non-iPhone news.

Today’s iPhone: a part of the Phonedog network of portable websites, TiP offers news, tips, tricks, video tutorials (including those from readers).

Microsoft Windows Mobile
Microsoft Windows Team diary: Microsoft closed its Windows Mobile Blog into its overall Windows diary in July 2009 (hmmm, what will that tell us?) the corporate still offers an ardent Windows Mobile Developer diary, however it is not updated ofttimes.

MS Mobiles: Describes itself as “The Fox News of Windows Mobile.” Has Associate in Nursing corporate executive, typically brash tone. options annoying very little flashing comments icons.

WMPoweruser: With Windows Mobile seven round the corner, the workers at WMPpoweruser is keeping busy. the location options the most recent on apps, rumors and Windows Mobile news.

Darla waterproof (Days within the lifetime of a mobile operatic star and friends): makes a speciality of Nokia S60-related things, and also the posts square measure stray, therefore you will not get inundated if sign language up for a feed.

The Symbian blog: Lest we have a tendency to chuck that small previous mobile OS that is therefore in style outside the u. s. and is that the preferred mobile OS within the world. this can be “the official mouthpiece of Symbian.”

EverythingPre: a part of sensible Phone Resources web site network, that includes news on Palm devices, carriers, accessories. Active forum space.

PalmAddict: Covers the Palm, however strays into the remainder of the smartphone area yet.

Palm Infocenter: Like PalmAddict, around since 1999, therefore each square measure grand-daddies of the smartphone blog/website set.

Thanks to IDG Enterprise colleagues Al anarchist, Matt Hamblen and Mikael Ricknas for his or her input.

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